I believe notebook is the best gift to offer. Because, students need it and they carry it whole year. For example, all the notes and study plans stays with it. Finally, the best part is it does not look cheap. It’s something that any student will love to have.
I can’t believe these notebook diaries are free. If I was to buy one of these I would expect to pay, as a minimum amount £10. Personally I like the graduate jobs, internship and placement information included within the notebook. It makes easy to look for career opportunities.
The idea of giving free notebooks and arranging fairs was great. Continue this each year and make students feel at home right after joining the university.
The notebook is an amazing prize! The most practical prize for students apart from cash or a supermarket giftcard!
I think the smart notebook is amazing. I never expected something like that. I was excited when i got the smart notebook because that means i don’t have to bother about notebooks for this term. I don’t have any idea of what you can do next because i am contented with the smart notebook. Thanks
I think the smart students notebook we were given on the day of our induction was very handy. Thanks to everyone who worked on the idea and decided to give away free to students. Cheers! I love the notebook, its not too bulky and has a nice colour! x
The notebook idea is brilliant. this is my second degree, and at my first uni. there was NO such idea to hand out notebooks, especially not with the 5-subject format. Its fantastic, and is already making my course easier. Thank you”
The Smart Notebook is amazing! The pages are well separated allowing students to use each section for a different module within their course. Also being FREE and receiving this on the first day saves time having to purchase our own. It is convenient and contains a sufficient amount of paper inside. Having one side lined and the other with square boxes shows it can be used in various subjects and is not biased towards only certain courses. Overall it is very satisfying and great to use.
“Well I use it for note taking in university classes so naturally I am fond of the size of the notebook and the quality of the paper. I believe it is a great resource for students and I hope you give items of such value next year. Thank you.”
I love the fact I got a free notebook from the University. Notebooks are quite pricey in the UK, especially spiral ones, which
I LOVE. I absolutely adore the notebook.
I think its a great thing to carry around with. I always have this in my bag and make a good use of it for the assignments which need doing or research I need to carry out for particular module. Its also layered out as it separates others modules by having a paper which is hung out where u can tell where the new module starts from. I really made the most out of this notebook and i would buy one if there’s similar notebooks available to buy.
I was walking out of my lecture to go and buy a new note book for my classes and I was given a smart book by a student volunteer. So it could not have been given to me at a better time. Thank you very much!
I thought it was a great idea! Starting university is an exciting, confusing and expensive time and I think the notebook fitted right into that. It helps me organise at uni and helps to reduce the confusion and saving money on a buying a notebook.
Am very pleased with it!
So far I haven’t had the need to buy any other notebooks for my engineering notes. This has covered all modules. And it very well organized too! The option to write our module names and email of lecturers is another thing I really liked. I love it, Tx
1st of all thank you very much for the free notebook..i love the layout of the pages with the course, tutor etc. All the information in the notebook is useful and relevant to me which i like.. the student planner at the back is useful and i definitely will be using it as i lack a calender of this type that spans from september to july. All in all a very good notebook.
I think it is a great idea… not only to have a free notebook, but also to make us all feel part of a big family… 🙂
I thought they were very well presented and had a lot of information. Also notebooks can be expensive so a free one
from the university was much appreciated! Thanks.
For me as a international student it was nice present during my first days at University. Academic Planner inside is just
perfect! I love the Smart Notebook and I really find it useful. I am a international student so I couldn’t bring much with me and I had forgot to bring a large notebook so it is already used a lot of times!
I thought the student notebook was well designed; good choice of colours, fonts and layouts used on the cover. Like the use of dividers with graduate jobs information
I thought the student notebook was well designed; good choice of colours, fonts and layouts used on the cover. Like the use of dividers with graduate jobs information
I think it is a great idea… not only to have a free notebook, but also to make us all feel part of a big family… 🙂
It’s so great to possess a free smart notebook like that. Frankly, it gives me lots of precious information about my school and some special events. It also supplies opportunity to get involve with reputable companies. Moreover, the way you put information in it is absolutely amazing and logical. I completely read it from page to page. To be honest, free smart notebook is quite good, so it’s hard for me to give you an advice to do next. After all, thanks a million for your free smart notebook.
Love that you have pages listed with employers. This really comes in handy to remind myself about getting an internship
for the summer.
I thought this was a really good idea to create these notebooks because it allows students to document everything they need to remember; notes from class, dates, timetables etc. I love the way there are bookmarked sections for each
course/module you have taken, so the notes from each lecture wont get confused. The information at the front of the book is really useful and there isn’t too much text making people not want to read, there is just the right amount. A lot of colours have been used making the notebooks appeal to both genders not making it bias. The maps included were a really good
idea for the students are new to the area, it makes them aware of all the surroundings and places to go to. We are rather lucky to receive these note books for free as it’s clear a lot of effort and money has been put into these. You’ve covered pretty much everything appealing to students.
I think the notebook is really good, it is different for any other notebook as it improves the students organisation with its
unique layout. Furthermore, it has pages which provide information about lecturers which I find very useful. Moreover, the
book has been of great aid as it has referred me to a number of companies which I have taken interest in. I think this is a really good book and hope to get more of its kind.
I love Town map page – this is fantastic for freshers and even returning students. It’s hard finding places in the rush of moving
to a new town. Its a really handy and great little book as its my first year at uni and I love to be really organized with my things and dates and all that kind stuff and this really helped me as i could put down in my diary what dates I would be at collage and what days I wont be. It does help someone like me so thank you very much x 🙂
I thought that the Smart Notebook is over all very good. It is very well presented and spread out into the different relevant
areas, making it easy to use for students of all types.
Seeing as I am in my final year of university I found the notebook very helpful in regards to graduate careers, from this book
I knew what site to go on to be able to further my career. The notebook is the perfect size for my handbag. The notebook is
fantastic and offers students not just book for note-taking but information that may be needed about jobs , or the local area where you would not realise the potential and/or opportunities.
It’s a good notebook, after seeing the information from GCHQ I have taken an interest into it and will continue to do research
as a potential career opportunity. there are many note pages which are good, allows me more for space and sketches.”
The free notebook which was handed out on our first day at uni is not just handy for writing down all the information about our course, it also suggests a lot of volunteering stuff to do. I absolutely love to have it and everyone else i know at uni does so too!
I think the notebook was very good , it had everything in it that i needed such as a timetable , term dates , days off , places to write , and the overall product looked very nice 🙂 I think it’s very well done. I don’t have much to complain about, good job guys!
I loved my new smart notebook, i came very handy on my first day when i didnt bring a notebook and needed one. Im glad they gave us a notebook as it very useful and saves me from buyin one 🙂 . It also came in very handy as it had a map in, which i always use and im not very familiar with the place yet. Overall i loved the smart notebook it was handy and very useful.
I think smart Notebook is cool and it has lots of information about the leading recruiters. Plus the colourful pictures and
amazing style makes it fascinating.
I think the notebook is wonderful because it helps us out by having everything in one place rather than three different books, very well set out notebook which gives the ability to organise my work , furthermore with being able to fit into A4folders i find this allows me too organise my work very well. Also i find the information very useful especially the pieces about internships.
So awesome when saw there is a free notebook which get from the school. This is a pretty cool notebook. this is not just a notebook but also a magazine book. Felt to be proud as a UK student, there are so many advantage to being a student here, unlike my country’s .there were just so boring and meaningless. ** THANKS for the NOTEBOOK YA **
This has helped me so much so far and will keep helping me through my year as i am now doing level two i need to write alot
of notes. Its so well organised and planned out comes with a lot of information about various shop’s so if your new you can easily find things. You can tell you have thought about this for a long time its look like you’ve gathered a lot of ideas of a lot of people. It’s made me happy it’s also made alot of my friends happy we cant stop talking about how its so good.