University branded and fully customised high quality notebooks

We publish university branded, bespoke, high-quality notebooks packed with information about your university.

The 100% recyclable design patented Smart Notebooks are tailored to meet each individual university’s needs. They feature a customised front cover, 16 information pages of university/department specific content, and a monthly academic planner/diary, making the bespoke notebooks an effective communication tool for universities or departments to interact with their students. Smart Notebooks are the perfect welcome gift for your new students.

Effective way to communicate with your students

Students require a lot of information especially during induction including a campus map, learning resources, term dates, key contact numbers, and where to go for student support, career advice and guidance.

You can place this essential information in the 16 pages of university content, which will be at your students’ fingertips on a daily basis in their notebook, proving more effective than printing information on flyers, posters and booklets.

Enhance your students’ experience at your university

Every student requires a notebook for taking notes during their course. Our high quality student notebooks with up to 160 note pages are a perfect university branded gift to welcome your students and support their studies. They will appreciate a branded notebook, saving them money and making them feel part of a big family.

Our research indicates that over 85% of students are using their notebook insert space four to six times a week during term time. You can be confident every notebook will benefit your students, and help enhance student experience, potentially contributing towards NSS student satisfaction.

Improve Student & Graduate Employability

Development of student and graduate employability is one the key strategy for many universities. Increases in tuition fees have raised expectations regarding graduate employment. Career related information within the notebook aims to increase uptake and support placements with employers to improve graduates’ job prospects. Our employer profile module within the notebook is developed through an exclusive partnership with the UK’s top employers. Universities have an option to select our standard employer module within the notebook to help improve student and graduate employability.

Saves money on printing

The Smart Student Notebook serves as a single university publication to save money on printing. You can save money on printing your handbooks, flyers, booklets and hand-outs by printing key university/college/department content in a notebook which students will use every day.

Our premium quality notebooks are university branded and consolidate a wide range of relevant information for students. They are also highly cost efficient, as our production methods enable substantial budget savings for universities.

Environmentally Friendly

Our notebooks are made from the highest quality sustainable paper stock which includes 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper and eco-friendly agro-waste (Tree-free) paper, thereby preserving nature and being socially responsible to save our environment.

Our high quality notebooks are manufactured in Europe with fully automated production and our press is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSC & PEFC certified.

”Our students are very pleased with their Smart Notebooks, which look good, provide useful information
and are also very functional. It was easy to engage with the very professional production process which
helped ensure a personalised product of real value.”

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